Winter 2017

April 25 ICE IS OUT!!!!


April 24 evening – seems there are two big sheets of ice left.  One blocking the outlet to the lake and the other just beyond Munsons Island.



April 24



April 23 evening and the sun is finally out.

April 23 – first boat on West Grand.  Did not make it through the ice.


April 22 Almost open!


April 21


April 20

April 19

April 18  Big Lake is out of Ice!

April 17

April 16 Happy Easter!

April 14

April 13

Picture above is Big Lake April 13

April 12.                   Ice on Big Lake looking very black.  Big Lake usually goes out 1 week before West Grand.

Spring and mud season are here!  71 degrees tomorrow.  Now lets get that ice moving!


April 7 after a few days of rain.


April 3 – ice fishing has ended and stream fishing has begun!



March 26

March 19

March 10 cold with Noreaster coming next week.


Munson Island boathouse gone in one day!  Now the rebuilding.

March 6 Cold, windy day on the lake today!


March 3


February 24.  snow is melting fast in this spring weather.

February 3  Ice fishing has opened!


January 23 before the ice storm tomorrow

family trip to Grand Canyon!